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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it list your website or company name or mention anything about sex toys on the outside of the package?

ABSOLUTELY NOT - All packages are plainly wrapped and it will not mention anything on the outside that indicates what kind of products are inside, or what kind of company the package has come from. Not your mailman, your neighbors, or anyone else but you will know what is inside the package.

2. In my order confirmation email, it has a link to view the order in my profile, but I cannot view the order, why not?

That link is for registered customers only. To be able to view an order in your profile, you must register with us and be logged in to your account before placing the order (you may also register during checkout). If you were not registered with us and logged in while placing the order, you will not be able to view the order details later. Please also note that if you place an order with us as a guest and then register with us afterwards, any prior orders placed as a guest will not show up in your newly created customer profile.

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