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Impact Toys

In the right hands, the ability to bring their subject to their knees with impact toys within the confines of consensual ritualized erotic play can transmute pain into pure pleasure, taking the subject on a ride of ecstasy and offering a sublime escape into another world of sensation. These tools of the trade are a must have in the world of BDSM, for beginners or seasoned players alike. Here you will find an excellent variety of flogging and spanking toys from great value entry level items, to the highest quality equipment that will last for years of equisite pleasure!


Canes, Crops And Rods (18)

Canes and Rods are characterized by their rigid, solid, flexible nature, these thin spanking and striking toys are ideal for true pain sluts. Whether a whisper or a scream, you are sure to make a statement with one of these intense implements. Bondage crops are a truly iconic staple of the BDSM world, these symbolic slappers are a Dom's best friend. They have become a classic symbol of domination, and are an exquisite impact toy to play with. An absolute must-have for any good scene!

Floggers And Whips (77)

Floggers are characterized by their many soft, loose falls or tails, this type of bondage tool has a truly wide range of expressions. A 'thuddy' impact toy that can be used to tickle, to tame, or to thrash. Whips mark their flesh and command their attention and respect. An essential tool for dishing out discipline or delivering a skilled blend of physical and psychological stimulation, each of these whips is an excellent tool in its own right, for the skilled and less experienced alike.

Spanking Paddles (30)

Spanking paddles are often considered to be somewhat less intimidating for beginners than other impact toys such as whips for example. They are very easy to use and generally cover a larger surface area. They are made in a variety of different materials, shapes and sizes and are perfect for either an introduction to kinky sex or for experienced bdsm players alike. Spanking or being spanked is an incredibly erotic, sensual and sexual thrill.

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